230 Capcom Ave. • Wake Forest, NC 27587
919.554.8711 • info@hbcwf.net
We believe Jesus is the source of salvation; therefore,
We will strive to live a Christ-centered life.
We will love, befriend and meet people where they are.

We believe in the Holy Trinity; therefore,
We will teach God the Father above us, God the Son beside
us, and God the Holy Spirit within us.

We believe the Bible is the inspired word of God; therefore,
We will study and read scripture.
We will not elevate the Bible to the level of the Holy Trinity.

We believe Jesus is the model for living and for
building community; 
We will make ourselves available to God’s leading
through the Holy Spirit.
We will recognize that God’s will is greater than our own.
We will pray.
We will experience the peace of living in communion with God.
We will love individuals and recognize that we are all sinners.
We will respect one another.
We will expect and experience miracles.
We will always be clear about who we are and our purpose.

We believe in the priesthood of believers; therefore,
We will not put any person between God and the individual.
We will respect people’s rights to have access to God.
We will encourage one another’s call from God.
We will equip everyone for service.
We believe in the freedom of the local church under the authority of Jesus Christ to shape its own life and mission, call its own leadership, and ordain whom it perceives as gifted for ministry,
male or female.