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**We currently do not have the updated technology to post recent sermons, but below are from previous years.

Healthy Relationships--Feb. 16, 2014

We have all types of relationships in life. Some are neighbors. Some are acquaintances. Some are co-workers. Some are friends. Some are family members. Some are spouses or boyfriends/girlfriends, and, of course, some are brothers and sisters in Christ. A question to ask ourselves is this: Are all of these relationships healthy?
During the sermon on the mount, Jesus described some of the ways He came to fulfill the spirit of the Law. In the process, He taught us about living, including having healthy relationships.
This Sunday, we’ll look at traits of what makes relationships healthy. The focal passage is Matthew 5:21-30.
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Sept. 1, 2013 -- Humbled or Exalted! It’s Our Choice

We have described Jesus’ ministry as turning the world upside down … but right-side up. The passage we’re going to read on Sunday may do just that for us. The passage is the parable of the wedding banquet in which Jesus describes what happens to those who are humble as well as those who exalt themselves.
As we prepare for worship on Sunday, I encourage us to read the passage, Luke 14:7-11, and pray that God will use the words to help us become healthier and more effective disciples.
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August 18, 2013 -- Living with Purpose

One of the classic questions for reflection is this: Why am I here?
This Sunday, we’ll look at the apostle Paul’s answer to that question and consider if the Lord desires a similar purpose for us. The focal passage is Philippians 3:7-14.
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August 4, 2013 -- Rich Toward God

Financial security is probably a desire for each of us.
Yet, Jesus told a parable to the disciples and others following Him that revealed the danger in operating out of fear. This Sunday, we’ll read that parable and consider how we can, instead, live in the love of Christ and, thus, be rich toward God.
The focal passage is Luke 12:13-21.
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July 14-- The Journey from Head to Heart

Part of the mystery of scripture is that we can see ourselves in the people about whom we read. Maybe we identify with Adam’s desire to be God instead of be like Him. Maybe we identify with Peter’s firm faith in one story and his denial of Christ later. And maybe we identify with Martha who worried about many things.
A person we’ll read about on Sunday probably isn’t one whom we typically identify. He isn’t a major character, and he isn’t viewed in a warm way. But as we read this story, we may find ourselves relating to the journey this character was taking from knowing about God to knowing God in his heart. It is the great journey.
The focal passage is Luke 10:25-37.
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June 30, 2013 -- Everything Has Become New

A character on a TV sitcom once remarked that all products seem to be “new and improved.” So he asked: “What does that mean for the products we used to buy? That they were old and bad?”
Although the comment was meant to generate laughs, it can give us a little insight to what happens when we accept the grace of God and live in Christ. This Sunday, we’ll look more fully at what it means to live in Christ. The focal passage is 2 Corinthians 5:16-21.
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